About me

I have always been drawn to working with people and spent many years working in social care. I worked with the elderly, in children's homes and with children and adults with learning disabilities. This led me to qualify as a nurse in 2007. After graduation, working in the health services wasn't very appealing to me. I'd worked non-stop for three years, juggling placements and coursework with extra shifts to pay the bills. I felt burned out. It felt hypocritical to call myself a health professional when I was so far away from attaining health myself.
Instead, my husband and I left the country for a couple of years. We travelled, lived and worked in various Asian countries, and in India I reconnected with an old love of yoga. Since then I have studied with teachers from many disciplines including Iyengar, astanga and hatha, and I returned to India in 2013 to undertake my teacher training in the classical Indian style.
I always loved the way performing physical postures helped me calm my mind, but after following a common yoga path from large, physical movements to injury, I finally had to find another way of practising. For me, yoga is not about merely making shapes with the body. I began yoga therapist training with Dru in 2017 and since then I have adapted my practice to have more emphasis on holistic wellness than on physical fitness.
In my teaching and practice, I use a combination of the styles I have learned, with a respect for alignment and an appreciation of props. But my main focus is on the breath, developing bodily awareness and cultivating relaxation. It is my belief that most of us could do with doing less, and I aim to help my clients prepare the body for deep relaxation and meditation through a series of gentle stretching and strengthening postures, pranayama breath work and relaxation techniques.
I strongly believe that yoga is for everyone. It can be used to alleviate the symptoms of stress, asthma, back pain, anxiety, pregnancy, menopause and more. Yoga can even be used as a useful tool in end of life management — a subject dear to my heart having worked with so many people at the ends of their lives in the past.